Get ready to experience entertainment!

Lady Ella sings beautiful melodies that touch the heart and songs to stir the soul, making memories resurface as she takes her audience on a journey through the 1940's with her incredible voice.

Singers and entertainers stepped up during these dark days to keep the nation humming a tune. Big band jazz swept over us and many other countries

with chart-topping artists such as Count Basie and Cab Calloway. Crooners including Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Perry Como and Frank Sinatra made the ladies swoon, but the men didn't corner the market on 40's singers.



Billie Holiday, Judy Garland and Rosemary Clooney and forces sweetheart Vera Lynn won the hearts of all. should you want to relive the unmistakable sounds only a 1940's singer can deliver, Lady Ella will not disappoint!

Inspired by great singers such as Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, covering all styles from the 40's and Jazz Lady Ella has an extensive repertoire to cover most occasions.

Her appearance, voice and performance are reminiscent of the golden era of the great vocalists of the 40's. She can Croon, Swing, Sway and Rock your Event into overdrive, be it local, nation wide or overseas.

Lady Ella can perform music for all auspicious occasions, from the Big Band era, encompassing the smooth sounds of classic and jazz standards, meeting all your musical requirements for your next party or event!

A sought-after performer and polished professional, Lady Ella delivers sophistication with a splash of fun.