Celebrating 1940's

The 40s are remembered for many things. Velcro, the microwave oven and the automated assembly line were all invented in this decade.

Singers rejoiced because 45 records were also invented. “Silly Putty” and “Tonka trucks” hit the market and, of course, World War II dominated the 1940s. Singers and entertainers stepped up during these dark days to keep the nation (and the world) humming a tune.

From smooth crooners to jazz giants, Lady Ella sets the stage during the war years. The world looked to artists to keep the mood upbeat during some of the darkest hours this country would ever face. Lady Ella works tirelessly replicate their sounds and styles so that we can all enjoy them once again.

With a proven track record, Lady Ella definitely makes every show an experience with her fabulous costumes and audience interaction.

Get ready to experience unmatched entertainment!

Lady Ella performs to professional backing tracks or can be accompanied by a range of musicians. With professional front of house systems to accommodate any venue, large or small.