Born in England Lady Ella spent a lot of her early years in Germany.
Traveling extensively through her childhood as part of a military family she embraced music at an early age, taking her place in society, qualifying and practicing as a nurse, However, It was not until her twenties she harnessed her passion for singing and attended performing arts college full time in order to fulfill her ambition.

Lady Ella has been individually trained by accomplished international jazz singer Terri Quaye http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terri_Quaye

Lady Ella has performed with a variety of musicians in local and regional venues. Having been inspired by great singers such as Billy Holiday, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald.


Her passion has chosen 1940‘s standards and Jazz as her main pieces.
Lady Ella has an extensive repertoire to cover most occasions.
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A truly individual voice often described as "smokey" or "Sultry" Lady Ella makes all the great songs of the 1940‘s and Jazz songs of the past her own.